Making potato cutlets?
When boiling potatoes for cutlets add the salt to the water itself as potatoes absorb salt better this way.
To descale your kettle cheaply, fill it with water and boil it then add two or three tablespoons of vinegar. Leave it for a couple of hours and it will be like new. Save the inner packets from cereal boxes; they make ideal bags for storing cakes...
More juice from a lemon
Putting a lemon in hot water before squeezing will give you more juice than usual.
The difference in fat content between dry-roasted nuts and oil-roasted nuts is really very small. Oil roasted nuts are roasted so fast that they absorb very little of the oil, and then the excess oil is drained off. Store nuts in air tight...
Okra will not stick to the vessel
Adding a spoonful of curd to the Okra while cooking while ensure that they do not stick to the vessel or turn black.
There are many methods recommended for cutting onions to avoid tears. Each method has its supporters. Try each of them, if one works for you, use it. Methods: cut the root off last; refrigerate before cutting; peel them under cold water; have a fan...
Ostrich Eggs
One ostrich egg can make an omelette for 10 people. The eggs weigh 3 to 6 pounds and they would take at least 45 minutes to hard boil.
Oven Temperatures
very low: 250-275 F low: 300-325 F medium: 350-375 F hot or high: 400-425 F very hot: 450-475 F
Prevent Boil over
Add a lump of butter or a few tea spoons of cooking oil to the water. Good for Rice, noodles or Spaghetti.
Prevent curdling
To prevent curdling, whisk the yogourt until smooth and then add to the hot dish slowly.
Prevent meat and vegetable from over cooking
Add cold water if meat and vegetables are over cooked.
Prevent onions from burning, frying
Add a little milk to onions while frying, this will help retain a rich colour and prevent them from burning.

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