Cook pulses like chana etc. even if you have forgotten to soak t
Just put the chana in a flask full of boiling water for an hour. They are ready for cooking.
Cook rice without sticking
To cook rice without sticking add a spoon full of vinegar in it.
Curry turned out a bit oily and pungent ?
Take two bread slices and powder them coarsely. Add this to the curry and mix well. Bread absorbs the excess oil and spice.
Young, tender, spring dandelion leaves make an excellent addition to salads; they can also be cooked like spinach. Older leaves tend to be bitter. The flowers can be used to make dandelion wine. Dandelion roots may be roasted and ground as a coffee...
Drop Cookies
When making drop cookies, make a large batch, form into balls and freeze on cookie sheet. When frozen put into zip lock bags and store in freezer. Later, just remove amount needed from freezer, place on cookie sheets and bake while still frozen....
Eggs will not crack
Pierce eggs with a sharp pin before boiling. This way you will prevent them from cracking.
Grind whole spices for freshness and flavor.
Whole spices have four times the shelf life of ground spices because their seed coatings and barks protect their flavors, which aren't released until they are ground or heated. A coffee grinder devoted to spices makes grinding a snap, though you can...
Hot oil also brings out a spice's flavor.
Cooking spices in oil is a method most of us use all the time without recognizing it as anything special. Every time you heat oil in a pan and add some chopped garlic, you're effectively doing the same thing. The flavor of the garlic is intensified...
How to speed-ripen fruit ?
When some fruits ripen (bananas and apples especially) they give off ethylene gas, which further speeds ripening. In fact, produce shippers use ethylene to ripen certain fruit (or at least to get it to change color and look ripe) when it reaches its...
Hurry to cook 'dal' ?
Add a little oil and turmeric powder to the dal before placing it in the cooker. It will get done in 10 minutes flat.
Instant Lemonade
Pour lemon juice with sugar and a little salt into ice trays, to make cubes which can be used for instant lemonade.
Make a soft fluffy omelete
Heat a non-stick pan and add a little more butter than usual. Now beat the egg and stir briskly (even while frying) with a fork. This way more air goes in your omelet, making it light and fluffy. Fry till done and serve hot.

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