Generally speaking, flour made from hard winter wheat contains 13% to 15% protein (gluten). Bread flour is made from hard wheat which produces dough that is elastic and can expand well. Flour made from wheat grown in the hot months of summer is soft...
French Fries
Don't overfill the fry basket. This lowers the oil temperature quickly, and will produce limp fries and they will tend to stick together. Follow directions - cook the fries at the recommended temperature for the recommended time. Old oil, dirty oil...
Fresh Celery
A better way to keep celery fresh (and it works for Romaine lettuce as well) is to wrap it with a damp paper towel and then put it in a plastic bag with as little air as possible and refrigerate.
Fruit Fat
Melons, citrus fruits and pineapple do not store starch that can be converted to sugar, as most fruits do. This means they will not get sweeter after they are picked, but they will improve in texture. Very few fruits contain fat: avocados, olives...
When you use a garlic press or crush the garlic cloves, you get a stronger flavor than when you mince it fine with a knife. This is only noticeable when using the garlic raw Garlic can be used as a pest repellent to repell aphids. Small bulbs of...
Chop garlic in a small amount of salt to prevent pieces from sticking to the knife and chopping board. Then pulverize pieces with the tip of the knife.
Grape Fruits
Salt makes a grapefruit taste sweeter. Grapefruit ripen completely on the tree. They can be left hanging on the tree for up to a year before harvesting. Grapefruit that come to a point at the stem end have thicker skins. It takes 12 to 15 grapefruit...
Grapes do not continue to ripen after they have been picked. The easiest and best way to pick the freshest grapes in your local market is to hole a bunch by the stem. Shake gently - if grapes drop off the stem, they have been in storage for too...
Green Bell Pepper
Sweet bell peppers should be stored at 35 degrees F, and will keep for 1 month.
Ice Cream
The best temperature for scooping ice cream is 8 to 12 degrees F. Ice cream should be stored at 0 to -10 degrees F. to maintain it's texture.
Insect Repellents
Bay leaves, cloves and sage all act as natural insect repellents for ants and other crawling insects.
Keep Carrot Fresh
Always remove the tops of carrots before storing. Tops drain the carrots' moisture, making them dry and limp.

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