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Red Pepper

General Description
Red Pepper is made from the ground fruit of a plant in the Capsicum family. The fruits, commonly known as "chilies" or "chili peppers," are fiery red or orange pods which rarely grow to more than 4 inches in length. Cayenne Pepper is another name for the same type of product.

Taste and Aroma Description
Red pepper is a pungent, hot powder with a strong bite.

How to use? 
Use small amounts of Red Pepper. It is a biting condiment, and the flavor intensifies as it is cooked.
For a spicy snack, add ground Red Pepper and salt to hot oil; saute blanched almonds until golden.
Try adding Red Pepper to barbecue steak sauce.
Use it to marinate or baste steaks.

Rice Basmati

basmati rice Pronunciation: bahs-MAH-tee Notes: This aromatic, long-grain rice is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas and is especially popular in India. The cooked grains are dry and fluffy, so they make a nice bed for curries and sauces. Basmati is available as either white or brown rice. Brown basmati has more fiber and a stronger flavor, but it takes twice as long to cook. Aged basmati rice is better, but more expensive. Equivalents: One cup dried rice yields three cups cooked rice. Substitutes: popcorn rice (slightly milder than basmati) OR jasmine rice ( has shorter grain than basmati, somewhat stickier; cooks slightly faster) OR long-grain rice (less expensive) OR wild pecan rice

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