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Dish of The Day

Bong (Baray Pai)

Wednesday Feb 21

A true undroon Lahore (Old Lahore) weekend breakfast. Bj hails from Undroon so she is taught how to make Bong at home by her mother. Four generations old recipe of this royal dish is share here with you. We take the pride of serving this dish at our restaurants, our attribute to Nani Ma.



To the place where Bj's signature recipes are transformed into reality & stunning the taste buds of food lovers.  We are a casual, home like place where you would love to eat and enjoy having company of others.

Bj Curries Restaurants are owned and managed by Bj. We are the first restaurant in Dubai that offers you over 600 dishes to select from and buy online and we deliver at your home or business. Our online party booking system offers you extended services while ordering your favorite dishes from 5 different cuisines.

We cater your parties and offer your favorite cuisine or dish using Bj’s recipes. 

All recipes are prepared under Bj’s personal supervision. 

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Employee of the month

  • Mohammad Ismaeel

    Mohammed Ismaeel BBQ Master A team player always ready to help other team mates makes him an exceptional employee. He is our man of month for Feb. 2014.  

Tip of the Day

  • Keep garlic skins from sticking to your hands while peeling Soak the garlic flakes in a cup of water for five minutes before peeling.