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dear Bj i love making gulab jamun but i always fail.After i make them they look perfectly all right but r not cooked from inside.I think i takwe the ghess measurment wrong.Can u plzz tell me to measure the ghee should i melt it and then measure it or should i first measure it and then melt the whole ghess in a pan after measuring.Plz do let me know.Thank you

Answer :

While making gulab jamun take care about few things. (1) sugar syrup should be thin and donot over cook the syrup. (2) Measure ghee in melted form. (3) Measure dry ingredients carefully. Eggs come in different sizes, if the egg is small in size, first mix 3\4 cup of milk powder and then slowly add the rest, when you feel that the dough is soft and no more sticking to the fingers, stop adding more and discard the rest of the milk powder. The dough should be soft not hard.

Date : 19th Aug, 02

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