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Name: Wajiha Usman
Question: Hi, Many thanks for being with us in the exciting world of culinary. Urdu name for celery is ajowan-khurasani. Celery is not popular in Pakistan and is not easily available. But in west you can find it in almost every...
Name: Yamna Irfan
Question: hi,can you tell me what is (Nutmeg) thanks
Name: Yamna Irfan
Question: hi, Bj my problem is that I want to roast the leg of lamb, you sand me recipe for that but I don't have steamer at home so what should I do pl tell me thanks.
Name: Zainab Husain
Question: hello BJ, my chapatis are turning hard after some time of making it. Pls help, tell me the trick of of making soft ones. thanks.
Name: Zainab Husain
Question: Hello BJ, can u pleases tell me what r mixed spices which r used in desserts and cakes. Thank you.
Name: Zainab Ahmad
Question: <p>A.O.A BJ.My sweet and dear BJ plz let me know what is gramflour?What's the urdu name 4 it?</p>

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