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Name: Jariah Imam
Question: hi bj.i want to store or save green chilles 4 long time like 1 0r 2months coz in my area chilles normally not avialable easily ,plz give me answer thanks
Name: Maha Hibai
Question: Hi, while roasting or bar-b-q chicken in the oven it usually becomes very dry, is there anything I can do to keep it juicy and soft? Please help.
Name: Mahboob Ahmed
Question: Hi I am searching recipes of hunter beef and Lahori chargha, will you please write me?
Name: Manal Habbaba
Question: I have tried the tawa meat in one restaurant.I think it is a mutton meat with curry and some spices.Could you please give me the way.
Name: Maria Mina
Question: hello bj whenever i make POORI at home it becomes so hard and crunchy what should i do to make it as soft as it is in hotels
Name: Mehnaz Ahmed
Question: assalam-o-alaikum I am a new member of your site and quite often I try your recipes and its great. I just want to know what is (allspice) which you used in tomato ketchup and 1 more thing I want to ask you that do you...
Name: Nimmy Singh
Question: I would like to know what kewra is. If you could please help me that would be great. Thanks.
Name: Norma Jean
Question: I have a Rival Rice Cooker with no manual. I would like to know the rice to water ratio for plain white rice. I have tried and so far have ended up with sticky, undercooked rice?? Please help. Thanks, NJ
Name: Rabia Khan
Question: What is Cream of Tartar? Where can you get it? What is its substitute?
Name: Rashida Husain
Question: BJ: I enjoy your site immensely. It is a useful source of cooking information for Pakistanis abroad. I was reading your recipe for Hunter Beef; and it requires "Kalmi Shora". What is the English name for it? And what...
Name: Saadat Alvi
Question: AOA BJ, I am a new user. I want to fry chicken like KFC can u tell me the recipe..? Regards Saadat
Name: Sadaf Siddiqui
Question: hi plz i need your england no.i saw superviser job in fb thanks

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