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Name: Aurelie Nivanen
Question: Hi BJ, I'm a new user from France.It's difficult to find some ginger- garlic paste here. How can I make it myself? THx!
Name: Ayisha Raja
Question: I am not too comfortable using ajinomoto, after I heard that it is MSG and that it is derived from animals. Is there something else I can use that is less "danegerous"? Ayisha
Name: Bushra Haroon
Question: when we buy tikka boti from hotels, it is juicy but when we make the same at home it is not juice. why is that??
Name: Cindy Harper
Question: In many recipes I find they call for flour (no specific kind), how do I know which one to use and should all flour measurements be after sifting? Thanks for any help you can give.
Name: David Few
Question: Love your site BJ in your Raita Recipe you call for 1/4 teaspoon zeera What is Zeera please? David Few
Name: Farida Khan
Question: Dear Bj AOA I have visited your site many times and it is really admirable your site has helped me to become an excellent cook. Thanks. I want to ask u that when I prepare pizza at home it does not taste like the pizza we eat...
Name: Fatema Sayeeda
Question: i am going to make your hyderabadi biryani this weekened how should i use foodcolor in it. i want it look like sindhi biryani( i mean the color of all the rice should be dark orange like sindhi biryani.
Name: Hafsa Farooq
Question: BJ actually i want to knw that i luv pina colada but the recipe you have given here is not understood by me,i cannot understand what is vanilla and what quantity is to be used coz its written like this 4.00 etc sp plz...
Name: Humera Hasan
Question: Bj. Dearest Bj your recipe for kunna and nihari are almost very similar. I would love if you will add some handi and sizzling Pakistani dishes. I am curious to know about yourself. Do you have any special section for...
Name: Humera Hasan
Question: I am a great fan of ur Recipies pls i hv seen my Mom making dishes like Kadhi dhall in mutti ki Handi, can we cook these Dishes in modern style Japanese or chinese type. do U think clay pot can be a Substitute of...
Name: Humera Kamran
Question: dear B.J salam i am a regular visitor of your website. being newly married and away from home (pakistan) it was very difficult for me to find a way in my husband's heart through stomach, but your website really helped...
Name: Iram Bhatti
Question: I wanted to make madeira cake from your recipe, what do you mean by white flour? Is it plain or self raising flour? Please reply back, Thank you

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