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Name: A J
Question: Hi, I want to make a paste of ginger garlic and green chili and want to know the method of making it and storing it in fridge and also in the freezer. I have read that storing garlic in oil causes botulism disease so how can...
Name: Aaa Nnn
Question: Hi, Couls you plz tell me what is a self raising flour and is it easily available?
Name: Afif Khan
Question: My most precious, honorable and beloved BJ, I love you, love your Web site, love your recipes and what not? Cause my mom name was BJ too and my father and we use to call her B.Jan. I visited your site so many times and...
Name: Ahreema Nadir
Question: Hi, whenever I grill seekh kababs or fish they seem to break very easily,what can i do to prevent that from happening. thanks
Name: Amber Ahmad
Question: Bj I?m your new user n having a great experience with your delicious recipes, please tell me what vegetable fat is and where can I find or buy it. Thanks, Regards, Amber.
Name: Ambreen Ali
Question: hi, i need to know that is there any substitute to an egg?
Name: Ambreen Siddiki
Question: Hi, Can frozen vegetables help to gain in weight?
Name: Amna Aslam
Question: dear Bj i love making gulab jamun but i always fail.After i make them they look perfectly all right but r not cooked from inside.I think i takwe the ghess measurment wrong.Can u plzz tell me to measure the ghee should i...
Name: Amna Aslam
Question: Dear BJ, In many of the chines recipes they use ingredient called MSG can u plzz tell me what it is.I would also like to know what Tofu is? My third Question is what is the substitute for sheery or vine in a recipe ...
Name: Aneera Ali
Question: I have marinated the qeema for seekh kabab a week before a party. Then I put it in the freezer. Now I?m having doubts if they will turn out good. please Email me with your reply as soon as possible. Thank You Aneera.
Name: Aruna Ata
Question: Asalam Alikum, I wanted to know what the difference between vanilla extract & vanilla essence is. Thanks Arun
Name: Asma Ayub
Question: If the hot spice is too much, how can I reduce it once recipe is made. e.g. for Haleem.

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