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Article Title : Cumin (zeera)
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Article Description : English name for zeera is cumin seeds. It comes in two kinds, white cumin (sufaid zeera) and black cumin (kala zeera). The true flavor and aroma of this spice comes out when it is fried in hot oil or dry roasted. To fry the cumin seeds, heat 3-4 tablespoons oil in a small frying pan over high heat. Add cumin seeds, they should sizzle, pop and splutter at once, turn off the heat and at once add to the desired dish, to avoid over frying and burning. Remember if the oil is not hot enough, they will remain tasteless and will become brittle. But if the oil is too hot they will burn. Fried cumin form the basis of many dishes and sometimes it is added at the end, e.g. fried cumin along with oil or ghee is added to some lentils, called Bighar. Dry roasted cumin (Bhoona zeera) is usually used as seasoning and garnishing many dishes, e.g. raita and other yogurt dishes and lentils. Sometimes zeera can be added without roasting or frying. It will give excellent but different taste and small. To dry roast, heat the tava or frying pan until it is hot enough that if you hold your hand few inches above the tava, you can feel heat (medium heat.) Place cumin seeds on the tava and stirring constantly cook them over medium heat until they are evenly brown. This is the time where you have to judge yourself that the spices are not over browned or still raw. (Practice will help you.) Remove from heat and cool completely before grounding or using as whole. In most of the dishes white cumin is used. White cumin is also one of the essential ingredients of garam masala. Black cumin is used in briyanis, meat and poultry. It is more aromatic than white cumin and should be used in small quantity.
Article Date : 27th Jun, 04

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