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Article Title : Peppercorn
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Article Description : Peppercorn, the world?s most popular spice grows on climbing vines. The peppercorn berries grows in grapelike clusters. There are three types of peppercorn, black, white and green. When the peppercorn berry is still unripe, it is picked and then dried until the skin turns black and wrinkled. It is called black peppercorn and has the strongest flavored of the three. To produce white peppercorn, the berry is allowed to ripe fully and then after removing the skin, the berry is dried. White peppercorn has smooth skin, smaller in size, light tan in color and has a milder flavor and is less pungent. White pepper is used to a great extent for appearance, especially in light color food where the dark color of black pepper would appear. The green peppercorn is formed when berry is preserved in brine. Green peppercorn is less pungent and has fresh flavor. Black and white peppercorns are available whole cracked and coarsely or finely ground. In the ground form black pepper loses its flavor fairly quickly. It is better to grind whole peppercorns freshly with a pepper mill.
Article Date : 19th Dec, 03

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