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Article Title : Tips for good a cake
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Article Description : There are many reasons for cakes to go bad. Try these simple tips for a fabulous cake.

1. Check the temperature of your oven. The wrong temperature can cause the cake to rise or sink from the center. If the oven temperature is too high, the cake will get brown quickly from the top and bottom and will remain soft or uncooked from the center. The right temperature for a sponge is 190C (375F) mark 5. If the oven temperature is too low, It will take longer time to cook and will sink from the center.

2. Always make sure that the cake is cooked through. Sometimes it may look done, but it is still uncooked. To check the doneness insert a toothpick in the center of the cake, it should come out clean.

3. While cake is baking it releases gasses from leavening agents such as baking powder or bicarbonate of soda, which causes the cake to rise and the air incorporated from beaten eggs and sugar mixture, expands and makes the cake light and sponges. If the temperature of the oven is not correct or the door of the oven is opened many times during baking, the cake will rise unevenly.

4. Use the right sized pan or the batter will over flow the pan. The batter should fill the pan by two-third.

5. The ingredients should be at room temperature.

6. Always preheat the oven and position pans in the center of oven. Pans should not touch sides of oven or each other.

7. Always sift flour and baking powder to avoid lumps.

8. If the sugar is not dissolved in the eggs, cracks will appear on the surface of the cake. Use super fine sugar to avoid crusty and cracked top.

9. Before preparing the batter, grease the pans and preheat the oven.

10. Cool cake in the pan for 10-15 minutes before turning it out onto the wire rack to cool. Cool cake completely before frosting.

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Article Date : 26th Jul, 03

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