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Article Title : Simple Diet Plan
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Article Description : The truth is that, reducing weight is difficult but not impossible. There are many diet plans available to reduce weight and most of such plans are really good if adopted as per instructions. One has to understand these diet plans normally do not contain the food that we normally eat in our daily life. So eventually we get bored and cannot stay on these types of diet plans for longer time. The best way to reduce weight is to have just 3 meals in a day. I.e. breakfast, lunch and supper. (No eating between the meals). If you cannot resist, eat free calories vegetables, such as carrots, cucumber, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, marrow, etc. or any green vegetable but no beans or lentils such as corns and peas, etc., Eat as much as you like. Breakfast should be light and about 250 calories. Lunch should be 500 calories and supper should be 450 calories. Daily need of a adult female is 1800 - 2000 calories. If you will take 1200 calories a day, you are saving 600-800 calories a day. With the diet control and if you do some exercise, you will not only burn extra calories, your body will also get into shape as well. The best exercise is brisk walking. Every day one hour walk can burn about 600 calories. To reduce 1 kg weight, one needs to burn 7500 calories. Taking 1200 calories and walking 1 hour, 5 times a week, you can reduce 1 kg in one week. By applying above methods you will lose fat and there will be no body water loss. As you know with some particular diet plains more than 5 kg weight can be reduced instantly. But note that this weight loss is the water loss from your body which is dangerous. Reducing weight by water loss method is not permanent and your lost weight is bound to come back with in few weeks! Here is the chart for 1200 calories. This is a very easy to follow. Breakfast: 1 fruit (e.g. medium apple, grapefruit, 2 plumbs, banana etc.) 1slice bread 1 egg or 30 grams of lean meat 1 cup low fat or skimmed milk Lunch: 1 fruit (as mentioned above) 1\2 cup boiled vegetables 1 cup green vegetable salad 1 cup boiled rice 30 grams lean meat 2 teaspoons fat such as butter or oil Dinner: 1 fruit (as mentioned above) !\2 cup vegetables 1 cup green salad 1cup boiled rice or one slice of bread 30 grams lean meat 1 teaspoon fat If it is difficult to follow this diet plan then simply take light breakfast such as 1 toast, an egg and a cup of tea with milk and artificial sugar. Lunch - What ever you cook for the family e.g. potato with meat, remove fat from the top of the curry and take about 1\2 cup, i.e. 1 piece meat, 2 potato and 4-5 tablespoons of gravy ( shorba). Same applies to dinner. You are allowed to have 3 fruits a day and free eating vegetable. You can eat these vegetables at any time when you feel hungry.
Article Date : 22nd Feb, 03

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